Don't Get Grinched | Local Interest

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The Myrtle Beach Police Department has launched it's first holiday shopping safety video. The video outlines a number of safety tips and things to remember when shopping over the holiday season.

Remember, just because you wouldn't do something doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't. Although we like to believe most people in the world are kind or like ourselves, there are a few bad apples who prey on the ignorance of others.

Be safe, and have a happy holiday season!!

The Myrtle Beach Police Department rolled out its first holiday shopping safety video, “Don’t Get Grinched!,” last month to remind the public of important safety tips.

The video features members of the police department and was filmed by Myrtle Beach Police officer Mike Dame. The nearly three-minute clip uses a Grinch to illustrate some of the pitfalls that could be lurking for shoppers who are unaware of their environments.

Tips encourage shoppers to have their keys in hand when approaching their vehicles and to not be overburdened with purchases when leaving a store. Other advice for residents includes a note to avoid advertising being away from home on social media or leaving boxes that housed expensive items on the curb.

The clip ends with the Grinch in handcuffs and a final message from the police: “We can handle the Grinch. Help us out by being safety conscious. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.”

--BY Emily Weaver